Calm and Collected: An Upcycled Collection | FW 21

Calm and Collected: An Upcycled Collection | FW 21

"Limitations always expose your taste and point of view." - Gabriela Hearst

Craftsmanship, creativity and uniqueness are the keys to interpreting the new F/W 21 upcycled collection "Calm and Collected" dedicated to elegance and nostalgia - hallmarks of the Emily Westenberger brand.

Inspired by the myriad of silhouettes and patchwork, "Calm and Collected" draws attention to the fusion of all these elements in its eclectically sourced Gina Skirt, classically inspired Blake Jacket, and unconventional Libby jean with great creative flair and tailoring expertise. 

In "Calm and Collected", Emily has reworked antique textiles like tablecloths, quilts, fabrics from past collections, deadstock fabrics and vintage clothing to create unique pieces with a workwear tone. Emily has sourced disparate elements, where she reworks them using artisanal techniques such as patchwork. The result is a selection of modern heirlooms that nod to folkloric craftsmanship through hand-stitching and paneled constructions that are conceived to preserve cultural and historical value through fresh creative narratives, in addition to reducing waste.

Any differences between the piece you receive and what you see in the photo represents added value as they symbolize premium craftsmanship, quality and uniqueness. There is limited availability due to the nature of the materials.