Fashion Drawing for Beginners Part 1

Hi everyone! Today I would like to go over the basics of fashion drawing. So far I have talked about finding inspiration and making a mood board, so I think this is the perfect segway into starting your own collection. So here’s some beginner tips for fashion drawing. 

So first let’s talk about proportions. A normal woman has 8 times her head in her body. Some fashion designers like to show 10 heads, some extend the figure to 12 heads, which creates a more dramatic figure. I draw clothes on figure that have the proportions that you want to see on a real woman, so I draw with 9 heads. Stretching them out that much creates a very dramatic figure. When you put clothes on a 12 head figure and then put them on a real woman, the proportions are going to differ.

So I usually do 9 heads, and I draw marks to scale very lightly with a center line. You can use a ruler if you’d like. 

How to draw | Tutorial | Fashion Drawing for Beginners #1 | Emily Westenberger

Now you have the scale for your “croquis”, a word in French for drawing. 

Watch my video below to follow my example of drawing in proportions. 

The head goes at the top, 9 times of the head is the full body. The neck is half a head. The shoulder width is 1 1/2 heads. The armholes are a ½ head wide. At 2 heads you have the bust. 

At 3 heads, you have the waist. Coming from the waist, you have what’s called the "ilium", which is the point at the top of the pelvis. This is where the woman’s hips differ from the mans.

At 4 1/2 you have the crotch and hips, which should have a width even with the shoulders. 

The lower part of the arm ends at 4 with the hand extending to about ¾ of a head. The knees are at 6. 

The calf is at 7 and ankles are at about 9. 

Once you have the proportions down, you can make a figure with the balance shifted. No matter where the weight is shifted, she still has to have balance. Depending on her stance, her foot comes to the very center at the bottom of the 9 heads. 

How to draw | Tutorial | Fashion Drawing for Beginners #1 | Emily Westenberger

You can see from this example where the center of the body is and how her weight is distributed. You should have the center line drawn with your scale. 

The arms can go wherever, as long as her balance is centered. Half the arm falls to the waist at 1 ½ heads long, and the wrist is another head. 

Watch the full video here:

What to watch next? 

If you haven’t seen my video or read my blog on where inspiration comes from you can click here. You can watch my video and read my blog on how to make a mood board here. Stay tuned for next week’s blog on How to Style Classic Fashion to Fit Your Personal Wardrobe and Utilizing the Benefits of Slow Fashion!

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