How to Style Classic Fashion to Fit Your Personal Wardrobe | The Benefits of Slow Fashion

Between my experience in styling and designing I realize a lot of people are lost when building their wardrobe. What do you actually need and...
How to Style Classic Fashion to Fit Your Personal Wardrobe | The Benefits of Slow Fashion

Between my experience in styling and designing I realize a lot of people are lost when building their wardrobe. What do you actually need and what will you actually wear? So I have collected some tips so that you can start making these decisions easier!

I’m going to teach you how to incorporate classic pieces into your own personal style and wardrobe to create a closet that lasts. So you can stop buying things and never wearing them, and you can stop spending unnecessary money on clothes that collect dust.

In addition to helping you guys find your personal style, I would like to share with you what slow fashion is and what it has to do with your wardrobe. Slow fashion is a counter movement to fast fashion and part of the "slow movement", which advocates for manufacturing sustainably and ethically. It means getting rid of the habit of buying something that you wear once and then trashing it. It means buying garments for longevity and quality that ultimately saves you money. 

With slow fashion in mind, I’m going to give you examples, including pieces from my own personal collection, as I walk you through these tips. 

Tip #1:

To start, what colors and fabrics do or should you gravitate towards? This is what makes you feel good and flatters your body.

For example, if you are curvier, you probably want to avoid bulky, stiff fabrics. Unless perfectly tailored, they add visual weight and stick out from your body. This includes fabrics like taffeta, brocade, denim, and wool. 

Softer fabrics like jersey, crepe, cotton, and silk tend to stick closer to your body. I personally like garments that cinch in at my waist. I’m pretty straight, so if I show my waist, it makes me look curvier. Some people might want to hide insecurities a little more. Spanx are great for this. I have a pair from Kim K’s line, Skims. I highly recommend it! Don’t be ashamed. It really finishes the look. 

As for prints and colors. Remember that prints that vertical move up and down prints make you look leaner and longer than horizontal prints. It is also more slimming to choose darker colors. Black and neutrals are a good place to start if you are unsure of exactly what is your signature color.

Now these are just examples of how to slim the body. Slimming the body is not what this blog is about. I want to help you find your personal style, incorporate classic garments, and create a wardrobe that lasts. So you don’t have to follow rules like this. Rules are just meant to be broken in fashion. 

To find your power color, you can even go through your saved images on Instagram and see what you are gravitating towards. 

So what does this have to do with incorporating classics into your wardrobe to make a long lasting closet? The next time you can’t decide if you should buy something or not- think about what your go-tos are. Can you see yourself wearing this more than once? Does it fit into your wardrobe that you actually wear and feel comfortable in

Tip #2:

The next step is to define: what is your go-to outfit? How are you using your favorite colors, fabrics, and prints together? Do you already have a go-to outfit or is that something you need to create. And finally, how do we incorporate classic pieces into your go-to outfit?

For example, one of my go-to casual outfits is jeans and a white button down with hoops.

I love this outfit because it’s versatile. If I wanted to wear this outfit out to dinner I can put on heels, red lipstick, and a gold choker. But it could totally be just to run errands if I wear it with sneakers and my hair in a bun. For me personally, I work from home and my studio, so when I leave my house it’s usually for errands or social events or maybe a work meeting. 

Depending on what your lifestyle is, you might want to focus on a different type of go-to outfit. If you are going to the office everyday, then focus on that lifestyle. Maybe it’s a blazer and pants that fits you well. Your lifestyle defines your fashion style. 

Tip #3:

Now that I have just mentioned blazers- I have to drop this tip in here: Use a tailor. If something doesn’t fit you just right. Don’t be lazy, take it to get fixed. They usually aren’t that expensive when you consider how much more you will wear a garment that actually fits. 

Using a tailor will make your wardrobe last longer once you realize you’re spending money on making the garment more useful for you.

Tip #4:

Now we can zero in on how to include classic pieces into your wardrobe. So far we have dove a little deeper into what your personal style is, so I’m going to show you personal examples of how to add timeless style into your own wardrobe--Watch my video below to view the outfits.

Outfit #1: Beatrix Jacket with jeans, hoops, pink heels and neutral top

This outfit I have styled with the Beatrix Coat from my Fall/Winter 2020 Collection. To make it my own I added these bright hot pink heels. So you can see how I combined this classic houndstooth jacket with a statement heel to create my own personal style. 

2. Jacqueline Pant with polka dot turtleneck and sparkly hoops

The Jacqueline Pant from my Fall/Winter 2020 Collection is paired with this polka dot turtleneck to add a little print and my pink sparkly hoops with black heels. I love this outfit because it makes me feel chic, like I should be strolling down Parisian streets. It mixes classic black and beige with a fun print and jewelry.

3. Madeleine Dress with boots and a hat

I have paired the Madeleine Dress with knee high boots and this black hat. The classic piece here is my accessory- a black hat is classic and a must have. It spices up all my outfits and always adds a little bit of style. I love to wear it any chance I get for daytime outings. 

So I hope you guys are a little more familiar with spicing up classic pieces to work with your personal style to build a wardrobe that lasts. Feel free to let me know in the comments where you are at in your own style journey and your thoughts on the slow fashion movement. 

Watch the Full YouTube Video Here:

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