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With my personal online brand, I make everything to order, which allows me to make adjustments for a customer if she is worried about fit. Taking measurements properly is so important in order to translate a pattern into a custom garment that fits well. In this blog, I will show you how to properly take your measurements. 

I’ll be showing you to take your bust, waist, hip, and length measurements. So let’s get started!

The shoulder measurement is taken by measuring from the highest point of one shoulder to the highest point of the other shoulder using a tape measure. 

The next measurement is for the bust. Place the tape measure at the highest point of the bust. Make sure you are able to put your fingers through for some ease. I would like to note here that in super fitted garments like a bridal or evening dress, you probably don’t want too much ease. How much ease you give yourself will depend on how you want it to fit, as well as the design.  

For the underbust wrap the measure tightly right beneath the bust. 

For the natural waist measurement, find where the thinnest part of your waist is. It should be slightly above your belly button. 

Next the high hip point is measured at the widest part of your hips. Make sure to allow the tape measure to move lsightly around the hip so you have enough ease. 

The bodice length is measure from the base of the neck to see how long you want the bodice to be. For the back bodice. Place the tape measure at the base of your back neck. If you’re doing measurements yourself. You will need to probably use a mirror. For the length of bottoms place the tape at your natural waist and identify how long you want the length to be. 

For the sleeves, tilt your elbow slightly, place the tape at the highest point of the shoulder and identify how long the sleeve should be. 

Measurements can make or break your garment, so if you have questions, comment below. 

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