Lessons from Concept to Creation

The biggest lesson I learned from the past 3 months is that sometimes we have to let go of controlling every little detail. I didn’t...
Lessons from Concept to Creation

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The biggest lesson I learned from the past 3 months is that sometimes we have to let go of controlling every little detail.

I didn’t come up with the name for the spring/summer collection 'Jovial' until maybe 10 days before I launched the collection. From concept to creation, Jovial changed so much! I was constantly trying to make everything perfect, and in the process had to scrap styles I was developing, purchase fabrics that I ended up not using, and was almost missing 3 styles a week before shooting the collection.

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I’ve been through the craziness of putting a collection before, but by mid-March I decided to let go of things that I couldn’t control. If I wasn’t sure of something, I would let the issue simmer until I slept on it. I'd wake up the next morning to find I had the answer to whatever was making my brain rattle. 

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Maybe it was clearing my head, maybe it’s divine intervention, maybe I just wasn’t ready to make a choice. Regardless, as soon as I stopped trying to control everything, I let the answers fall in place on their own.

All we can do is put in the work and accept there are things we can’t control. Creativity is a funny thing. Where do our ideas come from? It’s fascinating to think of the domino effect our brains follow from inspiration to development to creation to final product.

Through it all, the best part is sharing it with you. :)

Check out the collection here.

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