Denim on Denim: 5 Tips on How to Style Your Canadian Tuxedo

There is something about denim on denim in the spring. IMO everything goes with denim. You can pair denim with sparkly heels or high top...
Denim on Denim: 5 Tips on How to Style Your Canadian Tuxedo

There is something about denim on denim in the spring. IMO everything goes with denim. You can pair denim with sparkly heels or high top sneakers; a chiffon blouse or a concert t-shirt; a tailored blazer or…more denim!

denim styling - fashion blogger

Denim doesn’t take much thought to style and really allows you to express yourself. It’s like a smoothie that’s just protein and milk and the rest of your outfit is the add-ins- your almond butter, fruit, greens, etc - excuse me, I’m on a smoothie kick right now. 

There’s something about the spring that I find myself walking out the door with mismatching (or perfectly matching) denim jeans and a jacket, which is also when my boyfriend right on cue exclaims, “CANADIAN TUXEDO!”.

Mismatching denim or a perfect pair- both versions truly work. However, there are a few rules that I naturally abide by when wearing denim on denim. (PS this can 100% be for Fall weather, too.)

When wearing denim on denim it’s helpful to pay attention to the following:

1. The Fade

Not referring to the haircut here- I’m talking about the wash of the jeans. Washes consist of fades into white or a yellowish tint. Denim with white tint tends to be more blue, while darker denims have a tinge of green/yellow to them. Keep the blue and green tints separate, and you’ll look less homeless in your all denim attire. 

denim on denim styling - fashion designer

2. The Stitching

This one isn’t as crucial. There is usually yellow or gray stitching. It’s not as important to match these but keep in mind, this may affect how much you like your denim garment without you even realizing it. If you can’t figure out why your outfit isn’t working, but you just know that it isn’t - this element may be the culprit. 

denim on denim - stitching - fashion blogger
denim on denim stitching - fashion designer


3. The Cut

Straight jeans are the easiest and my personal favorite to pair with a denim jacket or top. It’s like having a blank canvas to style. Skinny jeans are also easier to style with denim but are a little out of style, and I’m not big on a cotton/spandex combo. There’s something icky about it against the skin. Wide legs are tough, as you may end up looking like a box, considering it’s likely the denim on top isn’t super fitted. If you have a denim corset- then go for it! It’s all about balance, and the fact that straight jeans are a more moderate cut, makes a wider variety of styles on top work. 

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4. The Shoes

Ahhh the eternal battle with shoes and spring. It’s always a toss up, especially in Los Angeles where springtime consists of 50 degrees in the morning, the Sahara desert by noon, and then cloudy and 60 degrees the next day- and that’s considered normal...

I usually opt for a cute sneaker. I’m LOVING these white high tops. I feel very artsy yet agile in them. 

denim on denim styling - slow fashion style

Brown leather sandals are also great. Both high top sneakers and sandals compliment denim in that the length of the pant leg has some flexibility. Sandals especially create balance with exposed skin and the heavier fabric that denim on denim tends to bring to your look.

 5. The Accessories

This is my favorite part about denim on denim. I think this is really where you can play with your personal style. I’m a gold metal jewelry kind of girl. Gold metal has a utilitarian vibe that pairs really well with the working class roots of denim, but you could totally pair pearls, beaded jewelry, or something sparkly with your Canadian Tuxedo to create a statement look. 

denim styling with pearl - street style

Voila! Now study up on these tips or you’ll look like a bag lady! ..JK these are just some thoughts that I hope make your denim styling a little less of a hassle if you find it so. :)

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