Finding Joy in Simplicity | The Inspiration Behind Jovial SS23

Love can come in many forms. I feel it when I return home to Pennsylvania. When I see a dress come together on a mannequin....
Finding Joy in Simplicity | The Inspiration Behind Jovial SS23
handmade clothing collection

Love can come in many forms. I feel it when I return home to Pennsylvania. When I see a dress come together on a mannequin. When my niece and nephews wrap their little arms around my neck. When my sweetheart leaves a brilliant bouquet of coral tulips waiting for me at home.

Love is waiting for us in little moments throughout the hustle and bustle of life.  We end up missing them if we don’t stop and pay attention.

We use beautiful things to express our love. There’s a reason my boyfriend surprised me with coral tulips over an ugly toad. We have an innate draw towards beauty. I’m fascinated by the way humanity can agree on what’s beautiful: a sunset, the Mona Lisa, Brad Pitt. We agree on these things as if they are definitive and yet we can’t define it.

Even my 3 year old niece can recognize beauty- “pretty dress”, “pretty flower”, “pretty princess”, “pretty nail polish”. This recognition is ingrained in us.

The morning that we shot this collection, I felt compelled to include flowers, so I walked to the store and chose light pink and fuchsia carnations.

fashion designer - emily westenberger
Flowers make beauty simple. All they need to do is grow and be looked at, and we can all agree that they are beautiful.

I felt compelled to purchase flowers that morning, and when we included them in the shoot, they became the glue for a cohesive collection. Simple beauty. I didn’t feel the need to add or take away anything.
teal babydoll dress - bespoke dress

Simplicity is easy. That’s what I crave in life right now. There is joy in simplicity and simple moments. I feel that everything that I need or want is right in front of me. There’s no need to overcomplicate things. This concept is very much reflected in the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Jovial. This collection was made for your inner child, your playful side. The one that doesn’t overcomplicate life. Let’s experience joy in the here and now. :)
Ava top - black matching set

I aim to make pieces that I would wear. I love to dress up. Through comfortable fabrics, versatile silhouettes, and a vibrant  color palette, this effortless collection is meant to be compatible for everyday wear and formal events. Dress up. Be comfortable. Dance. Play. Be yourself. Nothing extravagant. It’s that simple. This collection was made to highlight your beauty. 
It is my honor to share Jovial Spring/Summer 2023 collection with you. Handmade with love for you in Los Angeles.

enJOY :)
XO Emily

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