7 Tips on How to Mix Prints and Patterns Into Your Outfits

The thought of mixing prints may stress you out, but I’m hoping to change that because mixing prints- when done the right way- can make...
7 Tips on How to Mix Prints and Patterns Into Your Outfits

The thought of mixing prints may stress you out, but I’m hoping to change that because mixing prints- when done the right way- can make your outfit look more expensive, fun, and fashion forward. You will take control of the room if you can do this right. 

I’ve put together some pro tips and examples, so you can liven up your outfits and start mixing prints without looking overwhelming.

I’d also like to note here, classic prints such as polka dots, stripes, plaids, animal prints, and florals tend to last year after year. They are classics and commonly found in people’s wardrobes who love prints. 

Also, it’s best to stick with two prints. Adding in a third is very risky and hard to do. Mixing two prints is what I am going to focus on today.

Tip #1: 

Balance your prints. This involves looking at the proportion of the print. For example, pair small prints with large prints or pair a busy print with a more simpler print. You can wear a simple small polka dot with a larger bold print. You could pair a fine stripe with a super bold stripe. Loud prints mixed with minimal counterparts almost always works in my opinion.  


For example, some people consider stripes to be neutral because they compliment so many other prints. They tend to be less overwhelming and simpler compared to other prints. They balance prints out.

Tip #2: 

Mix prints in the same tonal range. This can help the outfit look more put together. A darker plaid with a darker polka dot pattern complement each other well. When in doubt, choose two completely different prints in the same color way. Marrying delicate prints with bolder ones can also help you pull off the print on print look. 

Tip #3:

Use the second print as an accent. Just a hint of a contrasting print adds a little flair without becoming overwhelming. 

Tip #4: 

Mix prints that have an overlapping color. For example, pair a monochrome print with another print that has an overlapping, matching color. You can also do the opposite of this and take two of the same prints and different colorways. Even if the print is clashing, you can still create an effortlessly cool look if they have the same color scheme.

I would also take note of the season. For example, a black base color on a floral makes it a winter floral- if you have ever heard that term used before. A base color through different prints is what will help unify your outfit without overwhelming it. 

Tip #5: 

Choose prints that are similar in design but have different styles. Like this polka dot outfit- one is more modern, one is a classic polka dot print.

If you really want to mix things up, you could even mix something very structural like a plaid with something much more bohemian like a tye dye. You can wear the same print also when one is multicolored and larger and the other is finer and in one or two tones. 

Tip #6 

Structure matters-somewhat. When you pair a boxy jacket in a floral with a fluid wide leg pant in stripes, this looks much better than a floral kimono over a floral sundress. The silhouette, as well as the print matters in this situation. You will look like a bag lady if you are drowning in prints and there is no sign of your body.  

Tip #7: One of my favorite looks is mixing prints with inverted colors. 

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