How to Transition an Outfit from Day to Night | 5 Steps

Versatility in your wardrobe is a step toward more sustainable style, so in this blog, I’ll walk you through 5 steps to transition your outfit...
How to Transition an Outfit from Day to Night | 5 Steps

Versatility in your wardrobe is a step toward more sustainable style, so in this blog, I’ll walk you through 5 steps to transition your outfit from day to night.

Styling an outfit from the office to a night out is the perfect way to get the most use out of your wardrobe because you’re adapting what’s already in your wardrobe for multiple occasions. 

If you haven’t built your capsule wardrobe yet, I’d suggest watching this video about capsule wardrobes. A capsule wardrobe gives you the versatility to mix, match, and rotate different looks, so you can look corporate chic at the office and sexy chic by night. There’s no feeling like shedding your workplace persona for your social, ready-to-throw-back-some-margaritas self that comes alive in the night :)

Here’s my thought process when choosing outfits to transition from day to night:

1. Choose Your Base. This is what you’ll style by accessorizing and layering. It’s like choosing bread for your sandwich. It guides the overall flavor, and the shoes/jacket/accessories are the meat/cheese/condiments that make it yours. …lol that was a stretch, but hopefully you get what I mean. 

Here are a few wardrobe staples that transition easily: the little black dress, a jumpsuit, any type of skirt, a shirtdress, or a charmeuse blouse. These pieces can be worn for either day or night, so they are a perfect place to start.

day to night outfit blog
Here my base is the famous LBD. For the daytime outfit, I chose a fabric belt and swapped it for an embellished belt for the nighttime look. 

2. The Jacket(s). Blazers transition easily from day to night, so they are a great pick. I love a good trench coat or ¾ coat, which can be worn for day or night.

Denim or utility jackets are perfect for the daytime but maybe not be for the office, so you’ll need an option for the evening. Leather jackets are my go-to for a nighttime option. 

slow fashion blogger - style blog

 For Daytime, I'm wearing a 3/4 coat from my very first Fall collection! And then I swapped it for my favorite worn-in leather jacket for the evening. 

3. The Shoes. This is where I’d pick an option that you’ll definitely trade for something else in the evening. Options like loafers, ballet flats, or those super cool slip-on square-toed flats that look terrible on me (does anyone know what those are called??) come in handy. Sandals or a cute sneaker are great if you can go more casual. 

backless loafer
Is there a name for these??

Trade those babies in the evening for something sexier like tall boots or heels to help you really let down your hair. 

how to transition your outfit from day to night - fashion blogger
A good neutral shoe for the office/daytime look and a vibrant statement heel to dance the night away. 

4. The Accessories. I typically opt for simple jewelry for daytime and then pile on the earrings, bangles, necklaces, and rings in the evening. Chunky, statement jewelry is  best for night (most of the time), but there are some exceptions for daytime! Also I feel that some people that just LOVE jewelry and wear it all the time can get away with this during the day. For me personally, it’s not the most comfortable during the day, but I love lots of accessories at night! Stacking hoop earrings and rings and layering necklaces are great ways to dress up your outfit for the evening. 

sustainable fashion blog - capsule wardrobe styling
Simple hoops for daytime are my go-to, and I love to layer gold jewelry for night time.

5. The Makeup. Not too revolutionary here, but stick with neutral simple makeup for the day time to highlight that natural beauty. Less is more :) Night time is for the higher contrast, shimmery eye makeup and fun, vibrant lipsticks that make your features pop in the night :)

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