Trend Spotlight: Cottagecore! Bringing Country to the City with a Nod to Slow Fashion

Hi everyone, it’s Emily! 

I just got back from vacation in Bald Head Island, North Carolina. It was awesome. There’s no cars on the island, the population year round is about 400 people, and there’s maybe 3 or 4 restaurants to pick from. I definitely needed the quiet, peaceful lifestyle outside of big ol’ Los Angeles. 

bald head island - fashion blogger
Bald Head Island, NC! One of my favorite places :)
cottagecore - fashion trend - slow fashion blogger

Now I’m back on the mainland, and I want to talk about a lifestyle/fashion trend that’s been on my radar for a few months - Cottagecore. This whimsical, rural inspired trend has me craving the peace and quiet of my most recent trip to coastal North Carolina and the countryside where I grew up in Pennsylvania. This trend is the epitome of country meets city. Like just about every trend, there’s things I like and don’t like about it. So I wanted to share with you what it is, what’s so great and not so great about it, and ways to wear it. 

But first, what is Cottagecore?

cottagecore - slow fashion trend

Cottagecore is the culmination of clothing, interiors, and lifestyle activities inspired by living in… welp, a cottage. You could even say it’s partly a side effect of slow fashion because it favors a more intentional approach to dressing and everyday life. The Cottagecore aesthetic gives off an air of whimsical romanticism. Some might say it includes a pinch of practicality needed for living on a farm or a plot of land in the middle of nowhere, but I basically grew up on a farm, and I can tell you firsthand no one is wearing this stuff haha. But that’s fashion!

slow fashion trend forecaster - cottagecore style

Cottagecore has been flitting about the past few years, probably from the Covid 19 pandemic when people were (and have still been fleeing) busy cities and opting for a simpler lifestyle. It’s frequented by models in rose print puff sleeve dresses that are way too formal to wear to work on your garden, but represented in that way nonetheless - thanks Instagram ;)

The trend consists of chunky knits, Victorian inspired details, and puff sleeves, as well as midi and maxi dresses in natural fabrics and pastel colors. You’ll see frills, eyelet, intricate details, and quilted pieces lumped into this trend. 

cottagecore trend - slow fashion blogger
Romantic aesthetic - think LoveShackFancy

What do I like about this trend?

I love that this trend touches on handmade- embroidery, puff sleeves, corsets, floral dyed prints. Some might say this trend encourages investing in timeless pieces, but I’d say that should go for every trend! And that’s probably why I’ve been drawn to Cottagecore, considering my love for slow fashion and handmade :) It’s about embracing a rural lifestyle, and that’s how I grew up. With some aspects of the trend, you can see that practicality is a priority, which is also important to me. IMO, if it’s not practical, it can’t be an investment piece. 

A few things that aren’t my favorite…

I’m not a huge fan of corsets. To me they are impractical and not super chic, probably because they were intended to be undergarments. But I would never discount them completely. I love seeing a design re-thought, and I’m sure there is a designer out there rethinking the corset in a new, elegant way. :)

Another thing- puff sleeves aren’t for everyone. Especially when they hang off the shoulder. They make shoulders look broader, which isn’t a bad thing, unless you have a straight, stocky or large bust-ed body type, and you are looking for a flattering, elongating silhouette. I’m personally weary of them because I have broad shoulders. But alas, there is a time and place for everything and sometimes it's about the design as a whole and not a single element. 

Tips on How to Wear/Practice It

Cottagecore is one of those trends that you don't just wear; it’s also about a lifestyle (remember hygge??). It’s a trend that transcends the clothes; it’s also about how you choose your clothes and being mindful of where you purchase from, too. :)

Here’s a few looks/labels that embody the trend:

Genevieve Dress! Hehe had to sneak this in here! I can’t get over this ditsy floral print. :)


Genevieve dress - handmade clothing

Sneakers + Maxi dress/skirt:

cottagecore - trend forecast

Patchwork pieces like this make me hope this trend never goes away!:

patchwork - cottagecore - slow fashion blog

Not just patchwork, but actually quilted :D:

quilted matching set - slow fashion blog - cottagecore

I love Stan clothing! Vintage materials upcycled to these awesome jackets. Classic designs have me thinkin’ this trend is not going anywhere. 

cottagecore - slow fashion blog

Another awesome handmade brand. Olivia Rose the Label is all handmade - another one woman show just like me :)- with lot’s of puff sleeves and romantic details:

cottagecore - slow fashion blog

Another colorful floral print on white:

floral print on white - cottagecore fashion trend

Comment below what you think of Cottagecore!  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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