Small is Beautiful: Why the Brand Emily Westenberger Exists

10/4/2020 It is a very quiet morning in my small, Los Angeles studio. I think the clearest and most creatively in the morning. The smell...
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It is a very quiet morning in my small, Los Angeles studio. I think the clearest and most creatively in the morning. The smell of coffee fills the air, as I look down at an array of colorful and textured swatches. I draft a collection with pages of sketches. This is my absolute favorite part of the process. It simultaneously gives me energy and tranquility. 

Emily Westenberger Blog | Small Scale Production | Fabric Swatches

When I am designing a new collection, I think about how I want the woman wearing my clothes to feel. I want people to want to know more about that woman. She never commands your attention, but she has it anyways.

Behind my design intentions are much bigger aspirations of creating character within a brand that is more intimate and wholesome than many mass produced and manufactured brands in the industry. 

The Art of Design 

Designing is a skill; creativity is an art. I love being able to combine both of these things. I always make sure to add practicality in combination with imagination to each piece in my collection. I don’t solely design for the sake of designing. There are reasons that I create what I create. Combining an artistic perspective with wearability is where my creativity thrives. 

My ultimate goal behind a design is to make it have an emotional pull. It has to have something that makes you stop and say, “I love that!”, in combination with utility that makes a garment useful.

Emily Westenberger Blog | Small Scale Production | Jane Women’s Coat

Small Scale Production 

I believe in small scale for the common good. I believe making clothing is a good thing to do, and I am extremely proud and full of joy and vitality when crafting a collection. My interest is in making clothing, not money. For me the goal is not to make more, it is to make better- improving and refining on structure, utility, and design in combination with good taste to curate a collection. 

Everything is made-to-order in my Los Angeles studio. I cut from patterns I devise myself and sew with french seams on a single needle sewing machine. It is an intimate process with each garment. I focus on craftsmanship by creating a high quality, durable piece of clothing. There is no underpaid and invisible workforce at the studio of Emily Westenberger.   

Emily Westenberger Blog | Small Scale Production | Sewing Machine

The clothing at Emily Westenberger costs a lot due to limited quantities from limited materials; however, with each piece ethically and sustainably made-to-order, there is no waste. It keeps the business at a manageable scale. Small production allows for a balance between my mental satisfaction and the needs of my business. 

Personal Client Relationships 

I prefer my primary means of exerting influence as a personal note. In an era of quick fast fashion, slow fashion allows for a personal relationship with the customer- a much more wholesome and fulfilling way of business for both parties. 

The Mission 

I have created the brand Emily Westenberger to fulfill my desire to balance business, creativity, style, and goodwill within a fashion brand through a passion for the process, small scale production, and an appreciation for the customer. I’m so excited to share my journey with you!

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