My Past Fashion Mistakes And How I Would Fix Them

View the video here Hi everyone, it’s Emily! Today I’m going to go over my very own past fashion mistakes. I’m going to show you...
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View the video here

Hi everyone, it’s Emily! Today I’m going to go over my very own past fashion mistakes. I’m going to show you pictures and then act as the fashion police to myself and explain why I would never wear the outfit or style again.

A few weeks ago I did a video on How to Tell Poor Quality Versus High Quality Fashion. In the description I mentioned I would show you examples of my own past fast fashion mistakes to show examples of poor quality. I received feedback on the video that I didn’t show enough of my own personal fashion mistakes and how I wore them. 

So that’s what I’m going to do in this video! Let’s jump right in. 

I’d like to start off by saying I have no regrets. My previous style is how I got to where I am today!

Outfit #1: Jungle Woman

jungle woman. fashion trend, nude

Now you may be saying- “why Emily, that’s a great Halloween costume!”; sadly, this is what I wore to go out one night. I think what I was going for here is the minimalist, nude trend. That was very Kim K at the time. Maybe 2015?

There are two things that make me look like a jungle woman. #1: My hair. This would probably look ok in any other context but not when you’re wearing clothing suited for a rainforest. Second, the tribal gold jewelry and 2 piece bandeau set really top it off. 

So how would I fix this outfit? Well I just wouldn’t wear it. Let me show you what I would wear. 

lucia coat. fashion trends. styling. nude

If I really want to do the nude minimalist thing, this is what I would wear. 

I’m wearing the Lucia coat from my collection, this beige top and a beige legging. It’s still a little sexy. I can go out in it, but I’m covered up and much more chic. Also, you can pair this with gold jewelry and not look like I stepped out of George of the Jungle. 

Let’s move on to outfit mistake #2: Arts and Crafts Outfit

fashion trends. emily westenberger. fashion blogger

Let’s start with the most obvious observation. I’m wearing a shirt with Albert Einstein’s face on it, and he’s smoking a pipe where the smoke is a bunch of galaxies. Did you notice that there are beads tied to the fringe on the bottom? I used to cut up old T-shirts in high school, so this is circa 2011. 

Not only did I shred a men's T-shirt, but I made those cut off shorts myself! If you look real close you can see a hair wrap in my hair and a bunch of friendship bracelets on my wrist. Everything handmade- I was very self-sufficient!

I think the vibe I was going for here was a bohemian, hippie, carefree style. So how would I fix this?

fashion trends. fashion blog. emily westenberger

I would interpret this carefree (badass, if you will) look into these black jeans with a denim pink bustier. I’d replace the cutoffs with black denim and the funky top with a different kind of funk top. Still makes for an edgy look without looking like I stepped out of a craft store!

Here’s the next outfit #3: Limp Scarf

fashion mistake scarves. trends. styling

Excuse the bad quality, looks-like-it-was-taken-from-a-security-camera aesthetic here. I believe this was around 2010. I have never seen a more useless, lifeless, boring utilization of the scarf. I’m not a big scarf person, but I think we could do better here. 

fashion trends, fashion blogger

So I replaced my sad scarf with a fuller, more vibrant one. I got rid of the ripped jeans. I added a jacket as well. I don’t think scarves are necessary for indoor use- unless it’s a cute necktie!

Layering the scarf with the jacket and flowy fabric is much more interesting to me than having it lay limp around my neck. There’s much more movement and life to the outfit!

Lastly, it is with great honor that I share with my final fashion mistake for today. 

cute dress cup little kid emily westenberger

This really lovely picture of me with goggles on and a bowl cut. Did I mention I like to play dress up? Maybe I was a miner here? With my flashlight? I’m not sure. How would I fix this?

I wouldn’t change it!! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog! Let me know what you’d like to see more fashion mistakes in the comments below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, click the bell, and you'll be notified every Friday when I upload new videos!

Watch the Full YouTube Video Here:

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