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My Spring 2021 Collection | Inspiration, Designing, and Sustainability

In this blog, I discuss each of my Spring collection styles and talk about my inspirations, how I designed the pieces, and how I incorporated sustainable practices within the collection. 

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What is Slow Fashion? | Why I believe in the slow fashion model

Before launching my brand, I was part of the fast fashion problem. I purchased way too many clothes that I wore once and then got rid of. It took the meaning out of fashion for me. I want to share with you the concept of slow fashion and why I am a believer in the concept.

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Why You Should Get Your Clothes Tailored, and How to Get Started with a Tailor

In this video, I will talk about: Why to Tailor your clothes; How to Find a Good Tailor; and What Clothes to Tailor and What Areas to Target. Knowing about tailoring and utilizing a tailor makes you a smarter shopper, it lets you get more life out of your clothing, and results in a better fitting wardrobe. 

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