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Fashion Illustration

Live Events

Put your guests or products in the limelight with on-site, live fashion illustrations to elevate your event. Whether you're planning a wedding, blogger event, fashion show, or store opening, live illustration is a fantastic way to make an event memorable, with each guest leaving with a tangible memento to share on social media or frame at home.

Live Illustration

A Unique & Stylish Experience

Emily's passion for bespoke style shines through, as she captures each guest's distinctive traits—like accessories, posture, hairstyle, or outfit—highlighting their unique style and demeanor. Emily typically creates live fashion sketches of guests in 7-10 minute increments and can tailor the process to fit your specific event needs.

Live Fashion Illustration


How does it work?

Depending on whether travel is involved, you can book Emily for a minimum of 2-3 hours. Full-color sketches take about 7-10 minutes per person.

Depending on what will work best for your event, there are a few different approaches to choose from:

  1. Have Emily take photos of your guests as they arrive and sketch as the event goes on, allowing guests to pick up their sketch at the end of the evening. This is the default approach as it works best in most settings.
  2. A first-come, first-serve approach where guests may form a line and pose for their sketch. This works best for smaller events.
  3. Have a sign-up sheet where guests can sign up for a time to come and get sketched. This works best when someone is specifically assigned to manage the roster, so Emily can focus on sketching.

What materials do you use?

Emily provides all materials.

For larger events like weddings and corporate fundraisers, she uses Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils on 6" by 8" archival art paper. The high quality markers and pencils allow her to work quickly, leaving guests with vibrant pieces that will last for years.

For smaller gatherings, such as bridal showers and intimate store pop-ups, Emily can enhance the illustrations with tiny touches of gouache paint. This delicate detail adds a 3D effect to illustrations, making accessories and pops of color stand out from the paper.

Sketches are then placed into protective plastic sleeves for your guests to take home.

What setup do you need?

Emily requires a table to work at—ideally a table larger than a cocktail table for smaller events or a 4' table for larger events. A well-lit space in the venue is preferred. She can also bring a sleek white desk lamp as a backup to ensure proper lighting.

She brings a small sign for the table, but you are welcome to provide your own if you'd like.

Can I add my own branding?

Absolutely! As the event date approaches, Emily will collaborate with you to create a custom drawing template that complements your event.

For weddings, the template typically includes names, date, and/or a wedding logo. If you have specific wedding stationery or a color scheme, Emily can incorporate those elements into the design.

For corporate events, the template often features the brand logo, event name, and date. If you have brand guidelines or files available, Emily can seamlessly integrate them into your template.

Do You Travel?

Emily is more than willing to take this show on the road! She is currently based in York, Pennsylvania. Venues more than 2 hours from York, PA will incur added travel expenses, including but not limited to ground transportation, lodging and air fare.

What do you charge?

Each live artwork event is unique. All pricing will be quoted individually. For inquiries about date availability and booking contact us here or via the contact form below. Please include your event date, location, venue, and number of guests.

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